Residential Log Cabins for sale: Scotland

residential log cabins for sale scotland

Scotland has a long-standing love affair with timber homes. In fact, the early Scotsmen were building log cabins as long back as 10,000 years ago. And some of these structures are still standing today, millennia later. Whether you are looking in the Borders, highlands or within reach of the coast, there is no shortage of residential log cabins for sale: Scotland has increased its coverage from just 5% in 1900 to 17% by 2010 through afforestation.  The Scottish Government’s draft climate change plan provides for a target of 21% coverage by 2032.

Log Cabins and Sustainability

You don’t need to buy something that old though!  If you are in the market to buy a residential log cabin Scotland – for holiday or permanent use – there are hundreds of options.  Whether you’re looking for something discreet in Borders woodland or a grand affair in the Highlands, Scotland has a log cabin to suit.

The renewed fascination with log cabins is partly down to the push for sustainability that has spread across the world in recent years. People are now more aware of their role in maintaining a healthy planet for the coming generations, and, as such, log cabins are a great way of reducing one’s carbon footprint. They are made almost entirely out of wood, hence remove the need for quarrying to obtain the rocks one wood need for a stone house. Also, timber is a natural insulator, and since your entire house is made from it, it provides incredible energy efficiency, eliminating the need for indoor heating. You are assured of a comfortable, hospitable home environment no matter what time of the year. Our partners source the wood for their log cabins from certified deforestation areas, where they ensure to plant more trees than they fell for their construction projects.  Log cabins can be a sustainable, renewable source of property.

Your Scottish Log Cabin

Our partners in Scotland are committed to creating luxury living spaces. They use only the highest quality timber from Scotland and Europe, and they employ world class workmanship in the design and construction, making for premium homes that leave an impression and are friendly to Mother Earth. Many of our partners offer a personalised service in design, planning, delivery and construction. Your final product can be a truly unique masterpiece built to suit your needs.

We have residential log cabins for all purposes, and to fit all budgets. From luxury pine lodges, to bespoke log cabins and small holiday hideaways – right across Scotland. Each cabin is built with its own character – with the purpose in mind – so it’s perfect for your use. Across our network, our builders, architects, joiners and carpenters have got over a hundred years’ combined experience, so rest assured that you are in capable hands.

If you are looking for a residential log cabin in Scotland built to your own specifications, this is entirely possible.

We have both partners who are based locally in Scotland as well as national and international suppliers who can deliver and install in Scotland.

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