Log Cabin Homes for Sale UK

Let’s have a look at log cabin homes for sale UK. Log cabins have been steadily growing in popularity in the UK over the last few years. And not just holiday cabins at Loch Lomond, no. People want to live in them as their primary homes, to raise their children there. So why the increased interest? Are log cabin homes a passing fad? And what do they have to offer that is different from conventional stone houses?   


Here’s the deal: you can buy a wonderful 3-bedroom log cabin for less than £10,000, complete with various amenities and premium finishes. This is a far cry from the sums you would pay for a brick building with similar features. They are also quick and easy to construct, and require very little maintenance. Scandinavians have been known to pass down their log cabins for generations.


The popularity of wood as a construction material is nothing new. Log cabins existed as far back as 8,000 years ago! Timber is a natural material, lightweight, and easy to manipulate. This makes it possible to carry your house whenever you move by simply disassembling it or hitching it onto a truck. And that’s not even the best part. Have you ever seen the interior of a log cabin? Pure timber luxury. It is smooth to touch, heavenly upon your bare feet, it smells nice, and the clean lines are pleasing to the eye. Log cabins offer a timeless, sophisticated and cosy ambience. There is nothing quite like it.

Apart from the aesthetics, log cabins also make some very practical homes with lower maintenance costs. Wood is a natural insulator, and stores heat from its surroundings, slowly releasing it when temperatures drop. Timber also does not collect dust, so if you have serious allergy problems, a log cabin home might prove beneficial to your well-being.


If you’re into environmental conservation, you should live in a house that reflects this passion. Log cabin homes are responsible for very little carbon emissions in comparison to brick houses. Furthermore, you can source wood that comes from FSC certified deforestation areas. Other environmental perks to living in a log cabin are: trees are a sustainable source of building materials, and since you don’t use material that needs quarrying, your home construction project has little impact on landscape.


From holiday homes, to garden cabins, retreat centers, and even for primary homes. Your cabin can range from grand, imposing wooden chalets to bespoke simple cottages. All these have the option of customization, where you can install amenities such as indoor swimming pools, art studios, gyms, movie theatres, Pilates/Yoga studios, home offices, libraries, hot tubs, and more depending on your needs.


There are a multitude of ready-made designs available for log cabin homes. These kits have standard designs, with two, three, or four-bedroom variants, multiple baths, family rooms, and patios. You can also modify some of the features in the final design so they fit your style. These can be high quality homes with pocket friendly price tags, and are guaranteed to provide you shelter for decades to come.

You may prefer a more traditional Scandinavian log cabin in the design and construction of your home. The timber used for making these log cabins is generally imported from sustainable forests in Latvia and Finland. Timber grown this close to the Arctic Circle is stronger and of far higher quality than that grown in the UK. The log cabins built in this style have much superior energy efficiency, since they are built for the harsh climates of Scandinavia.


Alternatively you may wish to design the house from scratch.  You are limited only by your imagination (and construction technology), meaning there is no limit to what you can build.  No expense need be spared here, and your end result will no doubt be sheer cabin splendor.

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