Why Choose Scandinavian Log Cabins?

Scandinavian log cabins have been growing in popularity in recent years, and the fad shows no signs of slowing down. As a result of their design, they are cheaper than brick houses, and come with significant energy savings. These quaint dwellings don’t just look cool, they smell nice too, and they live incredibly long. A log cabin can provide cosy shelter for decades and maintain its pristine condition with very little maintenance.  Scandinavians often pass down their log cabins for generations.

High Quality

The reason why Scandinavian log cabins are of such high quality stems from two factors: meticulous workmanship, and excellent timber. Every input is geared to produce high-quality results. It all starts from the choice of wood, preferring thick, sturdy logs, as they are long-lasting, and don’t split readily. A high standard of workmanship and material is always visible throughout the homes, from the skirting and floors to the typically triple glazed doors and window panes. Most single and two-story cabins make use of modern insulation and glazing. Scandinavian master builders craft their luxury log cabins using the finest logs, employing the Full Scribe method. It is important to note that most only use FSC certified wood from certified deforestation areas in Scandinavia and East European countries. Scandinavian folk are committed to building long-lasting dwellings while not compromising on environmental sustainability.


Scandinavian cabins can be spacious, with room for all amenities you can think of. From a home office, to a jacuzzi, Pilates studio, entertainment centre, reading room, play room… this list is endless! Machine cutting technology shapes the timbers such that the logs interlock during construction, doing away the need for a lot of nailing. The result is a sturdy, rigid and draught-free building that will serve any owner for decades to come.


Log cabins typically cost less than stone houses, and in addition come with HUGE energy savings. Which is a big factor aiding their growing popularity. See, if you live in a Scandinavian log cabin, your household is responsible for significantly less carbon emissions than people living in stone homes. Don’t be shocked to see the rise of Scandinavian log cabin streets and developments in the near future. Because the big question in the near future will be “do you want an affordable, eco-friendly home?” and the answer can only be “Yes!  We want this beautiful alternative open space living that the Scandinavians have been enjoying for centuries!

The beauty of this style of log cabin is that they aren’t simply standard. Scandinavian log cabins will most likely be entirely bespoke, within your budget and you get to choose your own living space.  What you get is an eco-friendly, cosy and durable home. Wood is a natural and safe building material, and it does not allow for the accumulation of dust. Perfect for anyone with serious allergies.

Air-Conditioning and Thermal Performance

Log cabins come with a built-in “air conditioning system” – timber walls absorb indoor humidity if it rises, and if the air is too dry, the wood releases the moisture back. The breathing walls help stabilize humidity within the house, and help to keep the optimal room temperature. This natural ventilation does away with the need for an AC system.

Scandinavian log cabins also come with unparalleled thermal performance. Since wood has a high heat storage capacity, and the entire structure is made of the material, log cabins warm up sooner and retain heat longer than brick houses. The interior is always toasty even in the wildest frost, remains cool during hot seasons, making Scandinavian log cabins ideal for hot-climate regions. And if you live in an extremely cold climate, you can always add an extra layer of insulation to keep the interior more temperate.

Think of the Lifestyle…

When you’re buying your next home, at least consider getting a Scandinavian log cabin. It is a different home living experience, a luxurious one where you’re more in touch with nature. Just picture it: waking up to singing birds every morning, barbeques with nature, swimming in the nearby lake, fishing on the off days… this could be your new reality. Happy kids, happy spouse, a tight-knit household full of love and warmth. Imagine the peace and tranquillity. This isn’t just a house, it’s the 21st Century dream.

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